News reports around the internet have heralded a latest research study revealed in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association demonstrating that farm raised tilapia is very full of the allegedly inflammatory .Poor fat we know as arachidonic acid or, for brief, AA. They say their research shown that farm raised tilapia, as well as farmed catfish, Have many fatty acid features that will normally be looked at by the scientific community as hazardous.


Tilapia has higher degrees of possibly harmful long chain omega-6 fatty acids than 80 percent lean burger, doughnuts as well as even pork bacon, the article says.

Farm raised salmon along with other species, by comparison, were much higher in absolute PUFA and EPA. Sadly, they didn’t measure DHA. This, they say, is very bad. AA is a substrate for inflammatory substances, which make it a contributor to heart issues and a wide range of other sicknesses. The news article points out in one sentence that the editorial accompanying the report cites the .

Controversy about AA, but never quotes it. In this consumer’s opinion, proof from relevant human studies that the higher ingestion of arachidonic acid promotes atherosclerosis as well as coronary disease is rather weak, as well as the declaration that must be serving of tilapia includes more arachidonic acid than burger or bacon it is greater. Inflammatory possibility, relies on a possibly flawed concept of the physiological effect of dietary arachidonic acid.


Eating tilapia is worst than eating bacon , hamburger or just burger .Tilapia is the world´s most farmed fish after carp ,and most of the production of it comes from Asia and Africa .

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