When summer roles around picnic in the park really are a must, and that results in packing away some tasty cheeses and wines to share with friends. Among the wonderful things about summer is all the fresh produce that is finally available, and adding any of those bright, fresh flavours to your cheese spread truly kicks everything up a notch.


When considering about the cheeses to bring, we opt for fresh, mild flavours that do not overwhelm or steal the show. While sharp cheddar cheese or funky morbier are excellent in the cooler months, when you are finally out we elect to go with cheeses that pair well with fruits, honey and even veggies.

In the wine department, now’s the time for crisp whites and fruity reds with bright acid. Whilst a winter cheese plate can be about the heavy full bodied reds, when you are sitting on a blanket in the grass, you cannot go wrong with anything cool, relaxing and light. Every cheese plate requires a soft, runny cheese, and camembert is ideal. The wines we chose were tasty with the cheese, but you might also grab a nice bottle of Beaujolais, or Soave if you felt so inclined. This mild and tangy cheese is fantastic when spread on crackers with a little of honey, or mixed with a little of fresh herbs.

Sauvignon Blanc is a fantastic choice if that is a favored wine of yours, as is Rose. Similar to Manchego, Iberico is in fact probably the most famous cheeses in Spain, however it isn’t as well known in the states. Made from a mixture of cow, goat and sheep milk, it is nutty, mild and salty flavour make it an excellent addition to the plate.


This cheese can be a lover of Sauvignon Blanc, and could also go well with a fresh Spanish Garnacha. If you wanted to bring along a desert wine, it’d go excellent with Port or Sauternes.

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