Every year the city attracts a large number of tourists keen to find the historical downtown, the normal riverside with colourfully painted houses, to get lost in century old streets, to appreciate the Portuguese cuisine and, obviously, to taste wine. You do not need to go a particular vineyard or winery in the Douro Valley to taste the finest Portuguese wines. If you are in Porto and haven’t planned a visit to the Douro, but find yourself in the mood to get a Port wine tasting, there are a lot of choices, mostly on the opposite side of the Douro River, in Gaia.


In this basement you’ll learn additional information on the history of wine Porto as well as the Douro area and find among its own most iconic figures – Dona Antnia Adelaide Ferreira. The tour includes tastings of a number of the finest Douro wines as well as visits to the Old Bar, a tasting room of the nineteenth century. This basement offers probably the most genuine and conventional tours to the Port wine world where one can’t only taste the finest Portuguese wines, but also appreciate numerous other encounters such blind tastings and chocolate pairings. Located in Vila Nova de Gaia near the waterfront, at Caves Offley you’ll learn the fascinating story of the Baron of Forrester as well as its function in the Port wine business.

In this guided tour throughout the cellar, there’ll be wine Port tastings as well as for small groups of connoisseurs there’s also available an intimate visit with a wider selection of Port Wine tastings. Taste some of the finest Portuguese wines at Caves Offley. At this tour you’ll find more about Sandeman’s wine tradition as well as the ageing process as well as you’ll have an opportunity to taste a number Ruby and Tawny wines at the modern room or in a private room where one may also admire our antique bottle collection. Real Companhia Velha is one of the most different wine tasting tour in Porto.


With a century old tradition as well as the most crucial role in the history of wine Porto, the guided tour of the centennial Cellar of Real Companhia Velha begins with a video that shows the process of Port wine -making in the Company. The tour carries on across the main ageing warehouse till the Vintage Museum and ending with a tasting of Port wines of exceptional quality. See all Port wine tasting tours at Real Companhia Velha. Espao Porto Cruz is a lot more than a wine tasting tour, it’s an experience.

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