Farmers using anticoagulant rotencide products in their operations will need to be trained and certified as competent in their use under new rules which come into play this October .


As for October 1 , 2016 ,all new rotenticide products manufactured will include a “stewardship phrase “,stating they can only be applied by certfied individuals who are able to demonstrate compliance with UK rotenticide stewardship or are members of certain farms assurance schemes .

Old label products (without the phrase ) will be on sale until October 1 , and where stock has been purchased it may be legitimately used up until March 31 ,2017 .

Training course


To become certfied as ” competent ” , farmers must enrol in an accredited training course and pass an exam .Courses are run by a number of organisations which all recongnised by the Campaign for Responsible Rotenticide Use , which promotes best practice and appropiate use of rodent control products .

For more information , of how to become qualified as a farmer visit this website – , and there you can read more about their programms , courses , workshops .Their programms are especially created for farmers and food-systems advocates .The future farmers will learn in classes  with qualified and dedicated teachers , and also they will have training on the farm , to see all the stages of the crop and the industry .

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