We frequently buy bananas, but sometimes they get too ripe before we even finish the first bunch of bananas that we’ve. To keep the over ripe bananas from going to waste, we use it to make cakes, juices, cakes or pies. Obviously we use new ripe bananas, but since bananas can too ripe easily, it’s best to make use of it. One small pack of pudding and pie filling mix – two cups of milk – two small cups of small marshmallows – 1\/2 cup heavy cream, whipped – two sliced bananas. Crust: – three cups marshmallows – 1\/2 cup peanut butter – 1\/4 cup margarine – four cups cornflakes.


Prepare vanilla pudding mix, except use two cups of milk. Chill and fold in 1\/2 cups marshmallows, bananas and whipped cream. In a bowl combine marshmallows, peanut butter and margarine. Transfer into an oiled or grased pie plate and chill. Fill with pudding mixture and top with whipped cream. Four tablespoons of peanut butter – three tablespoons of sugar – One 1\/2 oz crisped rice cereal – one banana – a package of instant chocolate pudding – two cups milk. Put in a pie plate to make a pie shell – Mix pudding and milk.


Arrange sliced banana on the pie shell – pour pudding over banana,four ripe bananas – 1\/4 cup flour – two egg yolk – one cup of boiling water – one tablespoon butter – one cup of sugar – a few pinch of salt – 1\/4 cup of water – a few drops of vanilla – one baked pastry shell – five tablespoons of condensed milk. Pour boiling water and mix – cook for a few minutes or until thick. Cool and pour the mixture of evaporated milk, vanilla and butter into the pastry shell.

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