Roti bread is a speciality now often in Asia .Roti bread is also part of the traditional indian caribbean food .It’s used both as a bread as well as a roll to get meat and vegetable filling, such as a soft taco. Keep adding the oil water to flour, working with your hands, to form a dough. Split right into 6 or 8 balls, cover with a damp fabric, and let rest for a hour. Sprinkle flour on counter as well as on rolling pin, roll each ball right into an 8 circle, if you are making 6.

roti bread1

Brush each circle with oil, roll back right into a ball and allow rest for another 20 minutes. Using medium fire, heat a heavy frying pan, as well as place a roti, oiled side down, in the skillet.

Add more oil if required, and continue flipping till you see golden spots. Remove to a plate and maintain the rotis warm as you complete cooking the others. Serve as a bread complement to any meal or spread with filling as well as roll. Caribbean cuisine is an excellent mixture of African, Asian, European, as well as Carib Indian foods. Dishes are very seasoned, either with a dry rub or marinade -or both.
Here are a few typical elements present in Caribbean food. Callaloo: small leaves of either the taro root plant or amaranth used extensively in Caribbean cooking. Jerk: Jamaican cooking method wherein meat is rubbed, prior to grilling, with a mixture of seasonings, often firey hot. There are plenty of variations, discover what flavours you similar to add or withhold accordingly. Fish: types that abound in surrounding waters, some familiar to us grouper, cod, tilapia, blue marlin, other not-so 200 species of jack, chips, casadura.

The roti bread is amazing with different appetizers like cheese , onions , tomatoes or delicious grilled eggplant .Enjoy your roti bread with your family and friends around you .

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