Some types are a combination of pork along with other meats, like beef, veal and poultry. Sausage are available in the form of minced meat, patties, stuffed into casings and slices. The casings may be a natural casing made from the intestines or an artificial casing. They are cured and\or smoked and can also be cooked or dried. Distinct types of them  are served for different purposes, like entres, breakfast meats, lunch meats, and appetiser. Sausage made from uncooked pork, that is cut or ground, seasoned and after that sold in large amounts, formed into patties or stuffed into a casing.
Contains products like soil sausage, bratwurst, weisswurst, bockwurst, and linguica. Made from fresh chopped or soil pork that’s cured, smoked and cooked completely. These sausages are willing to eat and include products like kielbasa, franks, bologna, and knackwurst. Some of the products, like franks and bologna, can be found as fine ground and coarse ground. Pork sausage which has been fully cooked, but not smoked or cured. It is usually in the contour from skin-on or skinless links and patties which are ready to heat and serve, but might also be present in a processed form, like braunschweiger, which is utilized as a meat for sandwiches.

Sausage which has been cured and dried under a managed process using bacteria fermentation to create a distinctive flavor. They’re wrapped in a casing and are usually hard and dry in texture and may be stored indefinitely without refrigeration so long as they’re sealed in their original package. Pepperoni, Genoa salami, cotto salami, and chorizo really are typical salami sausage that are available. Semi dry sausage is dried in the same way as dry sausage, but doesn’t have as much humidity removed. They sausages really are softer than the dry sausages and may be refrigerated to preserve their quality.
When summer is coming , Lebanon bologna, and mortadella really are samples of semi dry sausage. These are prepared to cut and serve products that consist of soil meats, that are seasoned and cooked, but usually aren’t smoked. The  specialty products are most frequently used for making sandwich and hors d’oeuvres. They’re frequently referred to as lunch meat or cold cuts and can be found in loaves, canned, sliced, and as prepackaged vacuum packed slices.

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