Selling pastries at the farmer´s market is nothing new .A lot of people try to experiment the market first before going for a big pastries business.


One merchandise section that carries on to maintain its own for most vending providers, despite the twin problems of an economic slowdown as well as the wellness movement, has been pastry. Pastry sales have taken their hit along with other vend merchandise sections in recent years, but the Automatic Merchandiser State of the Vending Industry Report, published in June, documented baked goods sales were flat, making them one among the best performers in the candy/snack/confections segment. The only candy\/snack\/confections segments to outperform segments were crackers, snack foods as well as nuts as well as seeds, all of which are considerably smaller merchandise sections.

Based on data supplied by Management Science Associates, which tracks sales at automated item-level, the only large size merchandise to win a place in the top 20 selling items in the year 2011 was a pastry merchandise, Cloverhill Bakery 4 ounce Big Texas Cinnamon Roll. Given the challenged state of the vending business, pastry sales are holding their very own. Randy Sikes, president of Sellers Supply, the Columbia, S.C.-based vend merchandise provider, said fresh pastry carries on to dominate the vend bakery business in the Southeast. Frozen sent pastry usually require operators to put their very own expiration dates on the products as soon as they’re thawed.

Sikes noted pastry, like other vend merchandise sections, are getting new growth from micro marketplaces. The only frozen pastry the company performs is what goes in the cold food machine, which represents a tiny portion of the pastry sales. The company tried Hispanic pastry when some of the producers offered it many years ago. There was a lot of turmoil in the pastry business, he said, referring to the economic problems that some pastry companies have observed. The company mainly carries fresh pastry and uses frozen pastry as back up. Smith said Better for you pastry didn’t sell well when he tired them. All Star financial services was aggressive with micro markets, but Smith hasn’t found pastry to be good vendors in the markets, to his surprise.

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