It is the new smoothie dilemma: Straw or spoon? Just whenever you thought the world of liquid meals was complete, along comes something new. These are smoothies, but you eat them out of a bowl. Before you write off this craze as just as change of scenery for your smoothie, there are, apparently, a few key distinctions between an old style smoothie you drink and the newer, smoothie-in-a bowl versions.

smoothie bowls

Aside from the obvious difference in how you consume it, smoothie bowls provide an opportunity to get even more creative with liquefied creations. Since smoothie bowls do not have to be slurped through a straw, cooks have the option to make the concoction as thick as they want – blending in ingredients like seeds, frozen bananas, nut butters or avocado for added heft and texture.

Think of smoothie bowls as the new cereal – like cereal 2. These bowls are showing up all over the blogosphere food, popular in part because of how photogenic they’re. Adorned with colorful slices of fruits and strategically positioned nuts and seeds, these bowls may look like edible artwork.


While basking in the glow of your smoothie bowl’s health halo, do not forget to be conscious of calories. Once you start adding yogurt, peanut butter, nuts and granola, you can easily end up with several hundred more calories than you might suspect. Add all ingredients to Vitamix or other high speed blender and process until thick and creamy. The texture should be very thick, if too thick, then add more almond or coconut milk.

You can do smoothie bowls with different vegetables and fruits .They are very good and refreshed in the summer , like the indian summer from the UK .Smoothie bowls is a new invention of the century , instead drinking the smoothie , you can either try to eat it with a spoon or drink it with a straw .

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