Chorizo is the word employed for fresh or fermented corned smoked pork sausage originating from Spain. Spanish delicacy is easily distinguished because of its deep red color. The colour is available from smoked Spanish paprika, known as pimentn, which it is ground from dried red peppers.


Dependant on the kind of paprika utilized, Spanish sausage may either be classified as picante or dulce. Generally, Spanish  sausage is made of chopped pork as well as pork fat, flavored with salt, paprika as well as wine. Spanish sausage  has hundreds of local variants wherein it may include garlic, herbs or a variety other elements.

The  sausage might seem leaner to be used in  tapas or fattier to be used in Spanish  recipes. A Pamplona local delicacy is thicker as well as the meat is ground more finely whereas the Chorizo Riojano, artisan made with top quality meats, paprika, salt as well as garlic, is licensed as a Protected Geographical Indication. Other local Spanish chorizos include: botifarra catalana, chorizo gallego as well as chorizo de Teror.

A lot of popular sausage types include: morcilla de Burgos, morcilla de Ronda, Morcilla de extremea, morcilla dulce Canarian and farinato de Salamanca. Spanish traditional sausage  comes in a broad range of lengths and flavours which makes it an ideal complement or primary ingredient to a meal.


The  sausage may be sliced as well as eaten directly, added to perhaps a sandwich, or mixed in with beans, potatoes, or alternative dishes. The flexibility of it causes it to be ideal for chorizo tapas and is located in a wide range of chorizo recipes.

The diversity of the spanish food can satisfy any connaisseur of the good food .The spanish food is tasty , salty , sweet and wonderful to eat in the hottest days of the summer .

Enjoy Spain at the best with their amazing traditional foods and customs !

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