St Valentine is celebrated every year on 14 of February , since the Middle Age .St Valentine is associated with love and sharing your love with your lover /girlfriend .Even though not a traditional Spanish holiday, St. Valentine’s Day in Spain is celebrated, like in majority of the nations, with all sorts of sweet heart shaped presents, bouquets of flowers, cards, and romantic dinners at fancy restaurants.

st valentine

Shop windows are decorated with hearts in all shades of red and pink, bars and cafes are always creative with Valentine themed offerings, and several events are organized through the country.

For individuals from Valencia, the most romantic day of the year is the ninth of October, when they celebrate both the Day of the Valencian Community and also the Day of St.

Denis, locally known as the patron saint of lovers. That is a public holiday marked by many festivities and colorful costume parades held in the main plaza of every town and village. A distinctive tradition on the Day of St. Denis is the custom of offering ladies a Mocadora as an indication of love and appreciation. This traditional present consists of a nice package of marzipan figurines handmade by local confectioners and after that wrapped up in an elegant piece of silk.


This public holiday is also known as El Dia de la Rosa or El Dia del Llibre, and the main event is the exchange of gifts, usually roses and books, hence the Catalan saying A rose for love and a book forever. As expected, in this time of year, a number of stalls selling roses and books are set up all over the region, public squares are brought to life by all kinds of performers, and majority of the book shops and cafes organize readings.

Be kind and give your love to your family and friends , or even a stranger !

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