Thinking of getting into catering? Make sure you’ve a comprehensive business plan to start with. Fressen Catering is a kosher service that serves the Philadelphia market. The service offerings are a significant change relative to the present kosher  marketplace which is fairly stagnant. Fressen Catering’s mission is to offer the client with the best kosher service.


Fressen  Service  will provide a large menu repertory, from traditional favorites to creative innovations. Fressen Catering is expected to generate $395, 000 in revenues for year three. Fressen Catering is just a sole proprietorship owned by Susan Cheflly. The  service will be for weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and other assorted parties.

A kitchen or catering business must be especially put up to offer kosher foods. The explanation below regarding the prohibition of milk and meat served jointly or made in the same kitchen by the same pots along with utensils is the reason which Fressen beverage must use two sets of everything, including two stove top ranges along with ovens. Glatt Kosher is employed more generally as a customer phrase meaning kosher without question. Fressen Catering will serve a broad range of dishes. The Philadelphia kosher  marketplace is an intriguing one.


Fressen will take a niche in the kosher  marketplace which offers new, creative menu items, expanding people’s concept of kosher food. These caterers are likely to serve the part of the marketplace which have to have kosher food served at an event due to religious beliefs, but battle to able to afford the cost variability between standard and kosher type. There’s a 5th caterer that also serves the entry level of the market, but serves the top end of the market as well. As stated in the previous section, you’ll find four other kosher caterers which serve the low to middle end of the marketplace.

Are you ready to start thins kind of business ?

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