Vanilla oil comes from vanilla planifolia, a native species of  Orchidaceae family, with big climbing vines and bunches of yellow green blossoms which turn into aromatic brown coloured pods. Beyond its fantastic odour and tasty flavour, vanilla oil boasts of a wide range of health promoting properties.

Trying to find pure vanilla oil in the marketplace could be very time intensive and oftentimes confusing. They could also be recognised throughout the kind of extraction technique utilised vanilla CO, vanilla complete and vanilla oleoresin. Vanilla oil continues to be helpful in helping improve one psychological and physical health and well being, particularly when utilised in aromatherapy.

The benefits of vanilla oil1

The primary chemical components of vanilla oil are vanillin and hints of other parts like eugenol, piperonal and caproic acid. Vanillin and piperonal have the effect of delicious vanilla taste and several of its beneficial health effects. Vanilla oil comprises about 150 fragrances, many of that are present in tiny quantities.

Vanilla oil might also work as a possible fever reducer due to the eugenol and vanillin content, the same substances that lessen irritation and fortify the body’s resistance system. The possibility  to find  100 percent pure vanilla oil today is exceptionally improbable, as it is expensive.

The benefits of vanilla oil

The majority of the cheap vanilla oils available commercially are greatly processed or contain loads of artificial substances, and are regrettably passed off as the real deal by dishonest producers. Preferred in perfumery products, complete vanilla is acquired by particular solvent extraction, utilising originally non polar solvent like benzene, accompanied by a polar solvent like ethanol. Vanilla oleoresin is in fact just a professional term, as the fluid extract isn’t really an oleoresin, but a resinoid acquired from the vanilla pods .

Vanilla can also be used in many other way than just as an oil extract . For example in foods and cakes and also in fabulous drinks.

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