Dopamine diet is new to the large public .Dopamine diet is also new to the young people .The dopamine diet include many types of fish and vegetables .Cold-water fish like tuna, herring, salmon and mackerel are high in the B vitamins, which help trigger the production of serotonin and rich in the polyunsaturated fatty acid known as omega-3. Omega-3 fatty acids in fish also help trigger the production of serotonin.

dopamine diet

A third reason to consume fish is that it is a good food source of the trace mineral selenium. A low intake of this mineral has been linked with depression. You can meet your selenium needs by eating more fish. Other food sources of selenium include whole grain cereals and breads.

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Understand that foods don’t contain dopamine, but they may contain amino acid ingredients that stimulate the production of dopamine in your brain (e.g. tyrosine). By eating foods rich in tyrosine, your brain will be able to synthesize the neurotransmitter dopamine. Also it is important to understand that certain foods provide a surge of short-term dopamine (e.g. a rush), but cause a dopamine crash over the long-term (this should be avoided).  If you are interested in other neurotransmitters, be sure to check out the article “Foods that Increase Serotonin.”

Another solution for how to increase dopamine levels and flood your brain with this feel-good chemical is exercise. When you exercise, the cells in your brain (and the rest of your body) start firing, becoming more energized. You also produce more serotonin and dopamine—both crucial in mood elevation. Some credit these chemicals with what’s known as the “runner’s high”, common in endurance athletes. But we do know they make you feel good, and a sense of wellbeing and happiness can increase your physical health in turn.

Your taste buds may steer you toward your fridge in the middle of the night to satisfy your late-night hunger cravings. As you lean on the open refrigerator door, your hunger levels spike while you reach for the most convenient and mouthwatering food for your palette. The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center says that people who eat late at night tend to choose high-calorie foods that their bodies can do without, ultimately leading to weight gain. But hunger cravings can occur at different times of the day; you may find yourself craving a salty snack at 10 a.m. and then something sweet at 3 p.m., but these unhealthy spikes in cravings can actually lead you to eat more instead of eating less.

Many of these vegetables will provide you with folate, but one vegetable that may have other mood boosting properties is that of red beets. Red beets contain “betaine” which has been suggested to regulate levels of neurotransmitters, which may help improve mood. Beets also contain tyrosine, so they pack a double-punch in terms of raising dopamine and improving mood.

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Try eating more lean protein at breakfast such as eggs, smoked salmon, mackerel, or a high-protein yogurt with added nuts, seeds or fruit. Try our high-protein recipe collection for breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes.


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