The tomato basil soup you can eat it during the winter time or even in the hot summer days. The tomato basil soup it can be good appetizer for a quick lunch .Now in the supermarkets you will find this amazing soup in jars or in canned, but I recommend you to buy the fresh tomatoes and the fresh basil and do it yourself .The result it´s amazing !Lots of us miss the flavor of the condensed soups we frequently had on cold days, or simply as a nice lunch.

tomato basil soup1

Those condensed variations almost always include gluten as even a part of the thickening agent. In a stock pot or a big dutch oven combine the elements in the first list. Bring to a simmer and cook till the tomato are fork tender. Using a big sieve, strain the liquid into a big bowl. Place the balls of tomato into a blender and mix until smooth. Strain the blended tomato to remove skins and seeds, in the bowl of liquid.

In another pan, make your white sauce from the elements in List 2. When it is thickened sufficiently, permit it to cool while looking forward to the tomato to simmer. When the tomato mix is simmering, add the white sauce mix to the tomato mix. Just in case you use real milk, you may wish to add a few of the tomato mixture to the white sauce initial to have less possibility of it curdling. Should it start to curdle, utilize a wire whip to mix it immediately. You must stir continuously while adding the white sauce to prevent lumps.

tomato basil soup2

After the white sauce is integrated into your tomato mixture, ensure it remains simmering. Permit it to thicken until it reaches your desired consistency. Adjust the degree of sugar or salt to your very own taste, and serve. This gluten-free diet tomato soup freezes well, and may be utilized in individual portions for lunches.

Enjoy your soup at lunch break or at home with your family !!!

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