Drinks can be categorized into two distinct classifications – the alcoholic and the non-alcoholic beverages. When it comes to alcoholic drinks, it’s suitable for those people who wanted to get drunk while chatting with family and friends while non-alcoholic drinks are to those people who opt to decline alcohol in their body. Traditional drinks play an essential role in making every traditional celebration more appealing and fun.

Alcoholic Drinks

For those who wanted to drunk, choosing traditional alcoholic drinks is the best for you. Here are some of the most popular alcoholic drinks that you may try and these are as follows:



  1. Absinthe – This is a complex kind of herbal liquor which has high alcohol content.
  2. Jager – It is an alcoholic drink that is composed of sugar cane, herbs, sugar beet, spices and alcohol. Although the taste of such type of drink is sweet but it can easily make you feel drunken even drinking small quantity of these traditional drink.
  3. White Russian – It is a cocktail that highlights sweet taste with a composition of coffee liquer and vodka as well as cream.
  4. Margarita – It is one of the most popular tequila based type of cocktail. This is primarily made with tripe sec, lemon juice and lime which has high alcohol content and often serve with salt on the rim of the glass.
  5. Tequila – It is a distilled beverage which is made from plants of agave. It is usually serve with lime and salt in order to decrease the effect of the alcohol content of such drink.

Non- Alcoholic Drinks

People who really wanted to escape high quantity of alcohol content need not to be bothered anymore. This is due to the fact that there are already huge numbers of traditional non-alcoholic drinks that are served in different types of celebration. Here are some of the non-alcoholic drinks that you may try and these include:

  1. Homemade Cordial – This is a non-alcoholic drink that combines water, sugar and your chosen seasonal fruits. You may use seasonal berries and all other types of fruits you wanted to combine in this drink provided that it will be stored in sterilized jars.
  2. Mulled Apple Juice – This drink combines citrus, honey or agave, cinnamon and apple or pear juice making it more tasteful and delicious to taste.
  3. Tropical and Traditional Fizz– This is one of the most common non-alcoholic drink that mixes kiwi, pineapple and strawberries respectively. You may also use fresh passion fruits such as mango and lychees depending on your taste preferences.
  4. Lassi – It is a refreshing drink that is primarily designed in order to cool your palate followed by spicy foods. It has yogurt drink base which highlights cumin, coriander, rosewater and sugar making this drink more delicious and flavorful.
  5. Limeade – This drink highlights the combination of whole lime pulp with soda water. This drink also works with rum and vodka drinks if you wanted to emphasize fancy type of drinks.



These are the different types of traditional drinks that are categorized as alcoholic and non-alcoholic one. Knowing each type of drinks is very essential especially to those people who wanted to escape from getting drunk and to those who wanted to get drunk. Although this may put little effect in your body but make sure to drink such type of traditional drinks moderately in order to maintain healthiness of your body.




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