The ancient world wasn’t usually good for the health. People lived much shorter lives and frequently had access to less nutritious foods. The overall prosperity and fertility of Ancient Egypt made it a place of plenty, at least for the wealthy. Had the food not been as rich, the empires wouldn’t have lasted so long as they did. Generally, there was a lot of drink and food in Ancient Egypt. The term Ancient Egypt covers 1000’s of years, through which leadership and trade changed. While Egypt is in Africa, it’s close enough to the Middle East for trading between the two regions.


The food is a combination of the cuisines of two continents – Africa and Asia. The most famous menu item in Ancient Egypt was bread. Wheat and barley were staples in Ancient Egyptian farming. Cooks made bread with the flour produced from all of these grains. Like today, cooks seasoned bread to alter the taste. Ancient Egyptians were able to farm many crops we recognize today. The meat Ancient Egyptians ate was much like the meat eaten today in northeast Africa. Ancient Egyptians had plenty of flavour to add to their foods. It’s clear that we prepare much of traditional food in Ancient Egypt, like bread and meat, in much the same way today.

The tandoor oven that makes today’s naan bread had a cousin in Ancient Egypt’s kitchens. Cooks slap the dough on the hot walls of the oven and it can make flat bread. The mortar and pestle hasn’t changed since ancient times. Still, it was much more important in Ancient Egyptian cuisine than in modern fare. In Ancient Egypt, people milled cereals and seasonings by hand utilizing these basic tools. A modern person would recognize majority of the tools in an Ancient Egyptian kitchen. Bowls, pots and pans are among the artifacts found in Ancient Egyptian ruins. Historians do know that Egyptians boiled, stewed, baked and fried foods over fire.


The precise preparation of food cooked over fire remain elusive. Beer was the cornerstone of Ancient Egyptian beverages. Unlike today, when drinking beer every day is taboo, it was necessary in Ancient Egypt. An essential key in finding info regarding the diet of ancient Egyptians is the artwork left behind. A wide range of art pieces depict the types of foods they ate, how they ate them, how they prepared them and who ate what. Tomb murals and comparable paintings show every facet of daily life naturally, the art depicts food too.

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