Norway – a country in the northern part of the Europe , with a long tradition for fish and hunting .The traditional norwegian folk costume is called bunad , and it´s an invetion of the 20th century .Bunad is also associated with the romantic movement from Germany and Denmark .

traditional norwegian folk costume

In the old age , the ritual were the women to wear the head covered in beaded caps .Later this tradition was lost and nowdays the woman dont cover their head anymore ,because of the western influences .Bundas become now very expensive items , with the range price 2000 $ to 10.000 $ depinding of the desired material , design ,gold,accesories,silver and embroidery.The price is different – if you want to buy from a reliable source it takes like one year to be made manually ,but quality is excellent .Is a tradition now in Norway ,the family give a present for the child a bunad for the confirmation day .

The other option is to buy from the chinese seller , which they are not selling the original bunads and they are much cheaper and the quality doesn´t exist .

The norwegian people wear bunads when they have family events like marriage , folk celebration in the village or in towns ,folk concerts ,festivals ,baptism or in the confirmation day .Because of many regions of Norway , an original type of bunad does not exist , they are more than 200 types .The types is different between men and women , the women bunads are more ellaborate and the embroidery is more complicated .For men , bunads are more simple and sobre .


The traditional norwegian folk costume is part of the northern Europe heritage .Norway become also the second wealthiest country in the monetary value .Norway try to keep the traditions alive despite of heavy waves of immigrants from all over the world.A proof is their traditional food, traditional folk costume and language .

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