Turkey become more and more popular ,because the meat is still cheaper than the chicken or the fish .Also the benefits of eating this meat are unnumbered.The meat is now available not only in the farmers market , but also in many supermarkets .There’s something about a turkey, it is a lot more complicated and flavorful than a poultry burger and far healthy than a beef burger.



1 big slice of homemade bread or panko

4 fresh sage leaves

1 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves

1 teaspoon fresh parsley

1 clove garlic, smashed

1 lb fresh ground turkey meat

1 big brown egg dash of heavy cream

sea salt

and fresh ground pepper

to taste olive oil  burger recipe condiments and extra 4 slices Swiss cheese sauteed mushrooms red onion slices organic baby lettuce 4 slices of tomato 4 big buns, chopped and toasted honey Dijon mustard sauce.

Blend the piece of toasted bread with the herbs and garlic in a food processor. If you’re using panko skip this measure and combine the herbs and garlic with the panko in a bowl. Add in the ground meat and all the other ingredients that are recorded for the turkey patty. Mix everything well and form with your hands 4  patties. Next, set the meatballs aside and place them in the refrigerator for no less than a hour.


Brush the patties with olive oil and put them all in the heated pan. Lower your heat and let the turkey patties to steam for 12-fifteen minutes. Remove the lid and put the Swiss cheese on patties the last minutes of cooking therefore it melts a little.

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