Botanically, it’s a climbing herbaceous climbing vine belonging to the family of Orchidaceae, in the genus: vanilla. The vanilla plant has distinctive growth characteristics. The  beans now planted with commercial scale in Madagascar, Indonesia, India, Puerto Rica, along with West Indies.


Among them, Vanilla planifolia is the most typically desired vanills bean worldwide. Another species contain Vanilla pompona and Vanilla tahitiensis. Their vanillin composition is less than Vanilla planifolia. Unripe vanilla pods are gathered when they achieve 5-8 inches in total, and start to turn light yellow. They’re subsequently blanched briefly in boiling water, sweated, along with dry under sunlight over a period of 2-3 weeks till they get thin, shriveled, dark brown pods.

This plant, a sort of white crystalline efflorescence, appears inside in a few of the outstanding quality pods. The beans are among the high-priced non pungent spices used particularly as a flavoring agent in wide variety of sweet beverages and confectionaries. The extract is mainly composed of simple and complex sugars, essential oils, supplements, and nutrients.

The chief chemical element in the beans is vanillin. The pods also write of numerous hints of other components like eugenol, caproic acid, phenoles, phenol ether, alcohols, carbonyl compounds, acids, ester, lactones, aliphatic along with aromatic carbs and vitispiranes. Ancient Mayans considered that adding this plant to beverages would give aphrodisiac effects.

Its extract includes small amounts of B complex group of vitamins like niacin, pantothenic acid, thiamin, riboflavin along with vitamin B-6. These supplements assist in enzyme activity, nerve system function and controlling body metabolism. The  bean pods may be obtainable in herb along with spice stores year around. One can also find the essence along with the sugar in these stores. The bean pods may be often available both individually or in small bundles frequently packed inside long tube or jar. Purchase these products from genuine resources since frequently adulteration with synthetic flavors is quite common. A well processed top quality pod will remain potent for so long as 3-4 years. Store entire bean in a jar of caster sugar along with permit 3-4 weeks for the flavour to penetrate into the sugar completely. Real vanilla is nicely fragrant and a very costly spice only after saffron.


Generally, natural vanilla extract is made by carefully chopping the beans along with infusing them by dripping alcohol on the pieces.

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