Figuring out where to go on vacation, for vegetarian tourists quite often turns out as a little problem. Vegetarians are a significant minority of people, the majority of the nations don’t really concentrate on them. Nonetheless, there’s Japan, India, Thailand and majority of the Asian destinations which really do offer quite a broad range of vegetarian cuisine. Europe surely isn’t very famous for its meatless dishes. With its mediterranean diet, famous all around the world for weight reduction and never having to hunger, it offers a big amount of recipes based on vegetarian ingredients. Italian cuisine also puts its concentrate on genuine ingredients.


Italy has this mild climate which is ideal for the agriculture, a lot of fresh products and ingredients are available all over the year. Aside from the very famous extra virgin olive oil, the soup and the caprese, Italy really takes care about its vegetarian gourmets. Even when there aren’t really that many explicit vegetarian restaurants, serving only vegetarian dishes, it’s no problem at all! Any restaurant, osteria or trattoria has plenty of meatless dishes in its menu: a broad range of starters, pasta and grilled veggies only to mention some. Not only you can consume tasty dishes, but you even can learn how to prepare them: a lot of the Italian hotels and country inns above all, include in their packages cooking courses.


So people can stay an entire week or so long as you want and participate in cooking classes. There tourists can learn how to make bread, olive oil, the so very prestigious Italian wines, but additionally entire menus. Many country inns in Tuscany made a real cult of those cooking classes, and also in the Amalfi Coast where in Furore, the Furore Inn Resort, a 5 star hotel based on wellness with a 600 m wide wellness area includes in its offerings and courses in a beautiful kitchen with a beautiful view overlooking the sea.

Clearly, this new trend has made its way through the country.

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