What’s foie gras? Put essentially, foie gras is the liver of the duck or goose that has been fattened up specifically for consumption. Fois gras is definitely a French delicacy, however now that the rest of the globe has swept up, they now need it also. If you wish to purchase foie gras, it’s in fact much simpler than you may think.

Just settle-back and learn what some of the finest restaurants have known for many years. France, Hungary, Bulgaria, USA and China are the top 5 foie gras producing nations in the world. French will actually make nearly eighty percent of the World’s supply of foie gras, thus if you need the best, France is the area to find it.

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Hungary continues to be piggybacking away from France’s ways of it generation and theirs may be purchased at a more affordable cost, but a somewhat lower quality. Bulgarian version is not terrible and will be more affordable than the French export, however it is actually hit and misses with this 1. In case your primary concern is sterilization and passing health codes, then foie gras made in the US is for you. It might be of the lesser quality, however is safer to eat than other options.

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Finally, the Chinese also make it, however the cooking community frowns upon Chinese creation of it, stating they’re unsure of animal living conditions or disorders. You never know if they are actually sending you duck\/goose or something entirely different. There are numerous ways to purchase it in a restaurant as well.

The most typical way to eat it’s the chopped up type which is later cooked and after that put back together. This entier is one form of liver that’s served in its entirety. Bloc of this delicacy is liver that’s along with a few other form of ingredients. If you wish to purchase foie gras in a supermarket, it’ll more than likely be raw and frozen.

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